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Ear wax removal

Four common ear wax removal questions

Modern ear wax removal is easier than the ear syringing of old, it is safer and considered more comfortable. The following are some commonly asked questions about ear wax removal.

ear wax removal by microsuction

1. What is ear wax removal by microsuction?

Ear wax removal by microsuction involves an Ear Nurse using a light and microscope to view inside the ear canal. Upon viewing, a thin suction tube is used to vacuum up ear wax or debris. Other instruments may be also be used to expertly pluck wax or debris from your ear.

2. What will happen during my appointment?

The aim of wax removal by microsuction is to safely and gently clear the ear canal of ear wax (cerumen) and other debris.

  1. Your appointment will take approximately 15 minutes.
  2. Your Ear Nurse will explain the procedure.
  3. Please ask questions if you have any.
  4. You asked to recline or lie flat and to remain very still.
  5. The nurse will look into your ear canal using a microscope or surgical loupe.
  6. The nurse will direct vision and light using a small cone placed in your ear.
  7. A small metal tube attached to a suction unit will be carefully placed in your ear canal.
  8. The suction will make a windy noise.
  9. Wax and debris will be gently and carefully removed.
  10. Your nurse might use forceps, probes and other equipment if necessary.

3. What is the experience like?

People describe the experience as tickling with windy, squeaky, popping sounds. If your ear canal is sensitive or inflamed due to infection, it may at times be a little uncomfortable. You may feel dizzy momentarily if cold air comes into contact with your eardrum during suction. A light touch of your ear canal during the procedure might cause you to feel like coughing.

If you feel uncomfortable at any time during the microsuction procedure, please let the nurse know so he or she can ensure everything is okay.

4. How often should you have it done?

Every individual produces varying amounts and types of ear wax. Therefore the Ear Nurse will ask you some questions, and advise how often you should have your ear wax removed.

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