Registered Nurses

Ear Health Nurses are Registered Nurses.

Over 60 Locations

Ear Health has clinics in over 60 locations across NZ.

Microsuction Specialists

Microsuction is the diamond standard for ear cleaning.

Est. 1995

We've been caring for ears for 25 years.
Ear Cleaning by microsuction

Do Your Ears Feel Blocked?

Are your ears blocked with earwax? Or maybe your hearing is not as good as it should be? If you have a problem with your ears that just won't quit contact one of our clinics today. We'll do our best to help.

You do not need a referral to see us. Many clinics provide same-day appointments, but it is recommended to make a booking to avoid disappointment.

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We'll Help You With Whatever Ails Your Ears

Ear Health Nurses are trained and experienced in recognising and advising on most ear ailments. They are also qualified in the delicate technique of earwax and debris removal by Microsuction.

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