49 Boulcott St, Wellington, New Zealand

Clinic Details


0800 100 833

Business Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:30 am – 5 pm Sat & Sun: Closed

Welcome to Ear Health Wellington –  We are easy to find on the ground floor, and within walking distance from most key locations in the CBD.

Our aim is to provide you with friendly, professional and timely ear care using the latest Microsuction technology and information.

We understand people in the city are busy and so we are committed to providing our patients with an appointment as quickly as possible. We do this by taking your phone call 24/7 and having an easy to use online booking system. In addition to this ease of booking we usually, have two nurses working every day so often we can offer you an appointment on the day or the next.

Do your ears feel blocked? Impacted ear wax is a common reason for experiencing blocked ears. Ear cleaning by Microsuction is the gold standard for ear cleaning and clearing blocked ears.

Our services include:

  • Ear Wax Removal Wellington (in the CBD)
  • Education for ear care
  • Safe removal of foreign objects from the ear canal
  • Assistance with ear problems in adults and children over 5yrs
  • Managing ear infections – You can now see our GP partner remotely within the next 24hrs who (with your permission) will read through your notes, then give you a quick video consult. If the result is that you need medication they will email through your prescription to a Pharmacy of your choice. This will cost you $39.95 Inc GST, which includes an Ear Health discount of 20%

The benefits of seeing us:

  • Feel safe knowing everyone in an Ear Health reception room is largely there for the same issue – ears.
  • Our Ear Nurses are specialist Registered Nurse’s who only deal with ear care. For you, this means they are not distracted by juggling other tasks. They are free to focus on providing you with the best ear care.
  • Our Ear Nurses are the busiest in the city, often seeing around 20 patients per day each. This means that you are seeing a very experienced team who collaborate with each other on a daily bases.
  • The team runs to a schedule which means they are nearly always running on time.
  • Microsuction is generally quite quick, often taking only 10-20mins.

  No referral required

Prices: (as of October, 1st)

Consultation + Standard | Appointment: $62

Consultation + 1-3mths | Appointment: $53 (patient who requires our service every 1-3mths)

Consultation + ACC | Appointment: $45 (must already have a claim number from your GP)

Consultation + War Pension | Appointment: Funded

Please note we do not perform ear syringing

Ear syringing is considered an inferior procedure to Microsuction. Not only is ear syringing generally messier and more uncomfortable for you, but it may also have an increased risk of trauma to the tympanic membrane or eardrum.

Wellington CBD parking tip

There is a reasonable amount of Wilson car parking behind our building (there are often parks available). To access this, please drive up Athol Cresent which is beside Victoria Hall. Once you have found a park, walk down into the rear of our building, then take the lift down to level 1, our entrance is to the left as you approach the front exit of the building. (Note – Access is steep, and not suitable for wheelchairs)

To view a map, click this link.