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Why do some people experience dizziness during microsuction?

Why do some people experience dizziness during microsuction?

Did you know your ears are not just for hearing? They are also the home for your balance and spatial orientation.

During microsuction you may experience dizziness. This can be caused by sudden temperature change in your ear canal. The vacuum created by microsuction causes cool air to be drawn into your ear canal. When the cool air comes into contact with your ear drum you might feel dizzy as a result.

This temperature drop cools down your vestibular apparatus. Sensory information about motion, equilibrium, and spatial orientation is provided by your vestibular apparatus. Cooling it down may cause temporary dizziness for some people.

If dizziness occurs it usually lasts for a few short minutes. Once the cold air inside the ear canal is warmed up again by the body the dizzy feeling will subside.

If you do feel dizziness during or after microsuction tell your Ear Nurse and listen to their instruction. It’s best not to stand up too quickly, in case you lose your balance.

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