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Hearing Services Auckland

Hearing Services Auckland

Ear Health is now extending its commitment to improving the health of Kiwis by providing hearing services in Auckland. We recognise hearing loss and access to hearing care services as a concern for many communities. In a recent report commissioned by The National Foundation for the Deaf, there are an estimated 880,350 people with hearing impairment in New Zealand. That’s almost 20% of us that may struggle to participate fully in life.


Hearing brings us joy and connection to our world. A soothing familiar voice, listening to the rush of water down a stream, or reacting to a warning signal are all sounds we sometimes take for granted. What if you were to lose part of your ability to be completely aware of your immediate environment? We think you will agree, your hearing is certainly worth preserving.

Good hearing keeps life fulfilling. When we have good hearing we thrive on listening and communicating with others. Sounds and conversation get our brains firing, as we are engaged to think, react and respond. Now imagine those same sounds are starting to get muffled, or some even disappearing altogether. As the sound stimulus to your brain changes, so too does your brain. Recent research has shown the brain can “forget” how to hear. So it’s vitally important to keep it stimulated with sound.

One of the most challenging aspects of hearing health is it’s generally not with us one day, and then gone the next. The leisurely pace at which most people’s hearing deteriorates genuinely makes it difficult to fully appreciate. Compounded by the fact hearing loss can start in the womb and may not cease until we do. Preserving your hearing health truly is a lifelong commitment.

People often respond to their hearing loss by reducing contact with others where hearing conversation is more challenging. For example meeting with friends or family at a busy coffee shop. Isolation from the people we care about is a risk factor for various mental and physical illness.

But all is not lost! Being proactive is simple and easy. We recommend having your hearing tested once a year. Yes it’s sometimes handy not to hear all the things your family and friends talk about, but try to focus on the good stuff! The hum of cicadas in the evening, your partner telling you about their day: You get the idea. And last but certainly not least, we’ve got a beautiful country to explore, and it would be a shame to not hear every bit of that too.


Ear Health Registered Nurses and MNZAS Audiologists provide an extended range of services in Auckland.

  • Ear cleaning and wax removal by microsuction.
  • Diagnostic hearing tests.
  • Hearing aid fitting & repairs.
  • Hearing health & rehabilitation.
  • Tinnitus treatment & therapy.

Ear Health Auckland is ACC, Enable & WINZ accredited

Ear Health is accredited to provide products and services funded and supported by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), Ministry of Health (Enable) and Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ)


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