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Hearing Loss

Have you been ignoring your hearing loss?

There’s nothing quite like hearing loss. It happens gradually. So slowly, in fact, most people don’t take much notice until it starts to have a deeply negative impact on our lives. Life’s just too short to ignore your hearing health.

Did you know most people wait an average of 10 years after being diagnosed with hearing loss before they decide to do something about it?

Many people find it hard to come to terms with the idea of wearing hearing aids. They put off the decision and only do something about it when the problems associated with poor hearing simply become too much for them.

A bit of uncertainty about the true condition of one’s hearing is pretty common. You can follow a conversation easily while facing someone, but if there are lots of people talking, and you can’t see someone’s face as they speak, it’s hard to follow what’s being said.

Often it’s the people we talk to regularly that take note, and might politely point out perhaps our hearing is not quite as good as we think it is.

All the people in your life telling you to turn down the TV really do mean well. Because the earlier you do something about your hearing loss, the better. Even when hearing is just starting to deteriorate, hearing aids help to maintain the neural pathways in your brain responsible for decoding all of the sounds you hear.

Simply put, hearing keeps your brain active, which in turn keeps your brain healthy.

The following are clear signs you need to take action about your hearing loss

  • Do you find it difficult to understand phone conversations clearly?
  • Does your family complain about the volume when you are listening to the radio or television?
  • Is it a struggle for you to follow a conversation in a restaurant or when there is a lot of noise around you?
  • Are you often exhausted after social outings because listening is such an effort?
  • Do you hear better when you are able to look at the person talking to you?

Be proactive about your hearing health

As your age increases, your quality and enjoyment of life need not decrease. All you need is a little luck and to establish some preventative measures.

Sure, it takes a bit of effort, and that’s partly because living to an advanced age is a relatively recent achievement.

The average human life span gained more years during the 20th and 21st century than in all prior millennia combined. In many ways, we’re still becoming used to getting “old”.

There are many ways to lose touch with our youth, both physically and philosophically. The good news is with your hearing it doesn’t have to be that way. That is if you decide to do something about it.

What change will you make?

Having the spark and drive to be a positive force can make all the difference to initiate change in our lives. It’s easier said than done, but we can always try, right?

Ask yourself, “In what other moment am I going to be as young or find more happiness and success than where I reside right now?”

If there was a way to improve your health and lifestyle would you do it today? Sometimes we fall into the trap of finding excuses, waiting for occasions, or holding out for something “better”. But why not change your life for the better now, and free yourself from regret?

Giving yourself the freedom to improve your hearing is not often an impulsive decision, it is more likely calculated and completely justified. Keeping an open mind and being honest when reflecting on the condition of your hearing is a positive first step.

So much of our lives are seen through the lens of our views, beliefs, expectations, and desires. Few of us ever experience a true, untainted vision of reality.

Try to stay realistic about your hearing. Don’t let all the things you’ve been told, or the experiences you’ve had, prevent you from letting in new ideas and new ways of doing things.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up your critical thinking skills, but it does mean you might have to be willing to accept there are other ways to act, live, and think.

Perhaps allowing oneself to embrace different possibilities, opportunities, people, views, suggestions and interests is at the very core of keeping our spirits youthful.

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