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How You Hear

Have you ever wondered how you hear?

Like most people you probably take your hearing for granted. But have you ever wondered how you hear or how your auditory system captures, transmits and deciphers sound?


Diagram of the anatomy of the ear

The outer ear

Sound waves are captured by the shape of your ear and transmits them to the eardrum via the ear canal.

The middle ear

Three tiny bones and the eardrum make up the middle ear. Sound waves cause the eardrum to vibrate. The three bones or ossicles called the malleus, incus, and stapes, pass the vibration on to the inner ear.

The inner ear

Sound waves are transformed into electrical impulses. The cochlea is filled with fluid, sound waves cause this fluid to move and the movement is picked up by the sensory cells which send the electrical impulses to your brain.

The brain

Once impulses are sent to the brain, it processes the data so that we can select what is relevant to the situation and follow it.

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