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What is Eustachian tube dysfunction?

Eustachian tubes are small tubes running between the upper throat and the middle ear (see diagram below). They are responsible for keeping the air pressure equal between the middle ear and outer ear canal. These tubes also help drain the fluid from the middle ear. Normally these tubes are closed, but open with activities such […]

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How often should I have ear wax removal

How often should I have ear wax removal?

Do you wonder, “how often should I have ear wax removal?” The answer is often dependent on your ears and how they behave. Your ears are constantly producing ear wax. As a result many people need to have their ears cleaned on a regular basis. The amount of ear wax you produce, the physical characteristics […]

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Why do some people experience dizziness during microsuction?

Did you know your ears are not just for hearing? They are also the home for your balance and spatial orientation. During microsuction you may experience dizziness. This can be caused by sudden temperature change in your ear canal. The vacuum created by microsuction causes cool air to be drawn into your ear canal. When […]

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What is ‘ear candling’ and does it work?

What is ear candling? Ear candling is an alternative therapy that claims to improve general health and well-being, and remove ear wax.  The process involves lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in your ear canal. Supposedly, when the tube of waxed paper or gauze burns, it creates a vacuum like […]

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