Free Online Hearing Test

Using state-of-art hearing screening technology our online hearing test is a great tool to help categorise your hearing ability.

Before you start the online hearing test we recommend the following:

  1. Find a quiet space free from distraction.
  2. Grab your headphones, anything will work, but quality over-the-ear headphones are best.
  3. Your journey to better hearing begins with just one click.

Why Test Your Hearing Online?

Do you have trouble following conversations in noisy places? Do you find yourself always asking people to repeat themselves? You may have hearing loss. 

Don’t miss out on important sounds. If you suspect you’re suffering from hearing loss, give yourself the confirmation you need to pursue a solution. With our free online hearing test, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and respond to a few simple sounds. 

If you prefer in-person testing, book an appointment at one of our Auckland locations.

Results in Mere Minutes

The Ear Health professional online hearing test takes less than five minutes on average.

Our scoring system is simple, so you can easily interpret your results and assess the quality of your hearing. All you need to get started is a pair of headphones. Though noise-cancelling, over-the-ear headphones will perform best, you can still get a result with any set of headphones.

Just adjust the volume to a level you’re comfortable with and use our audio listening tool before you start the test. Tweak the sound level until the voice is clear and certain. For the most accuracy, we recommend you don’t use your computer speakers.

How to Prepare for Your Free Online Hearing Test

Seat yourself in a quiet, distraction-free area. Place your headphones over or in your ears. The test will be complete in minutes, so you don’t have to worry about rearranging your schedule. 

This test is intended to help you better understand your current standard of hearing. To get the most useful result answer the questions honestly. Reflect carefully on your answers and try not to be shy.

If your palms are starting to sweat and you’re feeling nervous – don’t be! Our free online hearing test is designed to be gentle, easy, and pleasant.

What to Expect from Our Hearing Test

Taking a hearing loss test online is the simplest and most straightforward way to confirm you have hearing loss. When you begin the test, we will present you with sound clips that mimic everyday scenarios. These could be people talking in a busy restaurant or someone trying to get your attention from across the street.

At the end of each clip, we will ask you a question. You must express what you heard in the clip to your best ability.

Once you’ve completed the test, we will give you a score. Based on the score, you will be able to determine if you’re a candidate for an in-person hearing test.

Limitations and Next Steps

When taking a hearing aid test online, you must consider its limitations. While we trust technology for just about everything today, online tests aren’t the gold standard when it comes to something as sensitive as our hearing.

Yes, our online test is advanced. However, it is only intended to act as a general indication of hearing performance. If your score suggests you may be suffering from hearing loss, we recommend you schedule an in-person assessment with one of our qualified hearing care professionals. 

Our friendly audiologists are committed to providing empathetic and accurate care. Learn more about our hearing services.

This page was reviewed by Ron Trounson Charge Audiologist at Ear Health and written by Marcus Chadwick on 23 January 2021.

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