Welcome To Your Online Tinnitus Test

Here is a list of questions to help you decide if it’s time to see a hearing care professional for a formal diagnosis.

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1. Do you often hear a noise even when there is no external source for it?
2. If yes, how would you describe the noise? (Click all that apply)
3. Is the noise loud enough to hear over other sounds around you?
4. Do you hear the noise daily, a few times a week, or only once in awhile?
5. Does the noise keep you awake at night?
6. Have you heard the noise for at least three months?
7. Have you heard the sound for 12 months or longer?
8. Did you start to hear the noise after exposure to a loud event, e.g. a live music concert or a football game in a crowded stadium?
9. Had you taken any new medications before you began noticing the noise in your ears?
10. Do you have a problem with wax buildup in your ears?
11. Are you avoiding activities and social situations you used to enjoy?

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