Clinical Operations & Strategic People Director

Brief info

Not only do I work nationally as Ear Healths Clinical Operations & Strategic People Director. But, my wife and I also own and operate the Wellington region's License. Over the last nine years, I have come to appreciate the value that excellent service has on our patient's outcomes.

I am passionate about providing not just exceptional service, but I am also interested in how this type of service quality impacts on great patient outcomes. i.e., ear care, or arguably, healthcare, in general, for that matter. It is not just about providing treatment; It is also about building great relationships. Our patient's ear health is more than an appointment; it's a partnership between our staff and them. We have great patients that appreciate not just our clinical professionalism, but also our normal friendly, caring, human interaction.

When you approach appointments in this way, wonderful things happen, both from an organisational sense and a patient satisfaction sense.

In regards to operational factors, I believe that clinic systems/processes shouldn't impede on these relationships, it should support them. So, we continually look at our operational processes, whether it's clinical systems, or onboarding processes such as the booking process, to make sure it compliments our service with efficiency.

Time with friends is precious, so should time with your practitioners.